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Who Are the Lawn Masters?

Lawn Masters featuring Mole Patrol is locally owned and operated in Newburgh, IN. We are a Mom & Pop company with over 20-years experience servicing the Evansville Tri-State area. Our attention to detail and a 'do the job right the first time' attitude, makes Lawn Masters a great value for any homeowner.

Our Services

Includes all the fertilizers, broadleaf weed controls, crabgrass controls, grub worm treatment, yellow nutsedge control and soil amendments that your lawn needs for one year. This 7-step program is the most effective lawn program in the tri-state area!
Includes a Spring & Fall deep root feeding of your trees and shrubs. Also includes insect and spider mite sprays to protect your landscape from plant damaging insects. This program encourages healthier plants with darker color and better blooms.
Saves mature trees from dying. We offer protection and cures for borer worms, galls and diseases. We do free evaluations to determine if your tree is worth saving.
Prevents and cleans out weeds and wild grasses from your landscape beds. Never pull weeds again!!!
Our monthly treatments will keep fleas, ticks and chiggers out of your lawn. Now you and your pets can enjoy the outdoors without being bitten.
September and October is the best time to have your lawn professionally seeded. We do a double core-aeration then add the right amount of premium seed. We use Green Alliance tall fescue that is developed special for the Southern Indiana area and makes a beautiful dark-green lawn.
We eliminate moles & voles from your lawn and landscape by using special underground baits and repellents. With thousands of successful treatments under our belts, we have the experience to get the job done safe and effectively.